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Action Alert: The Time To Act Is NOW!

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 24, 2008

From Ryan Neibauer:

We are under 2 weeks away from Election Day. In a matter of days, our members will be going to the polls and casting their vote. Even with the election being right around the corner, there are still so many of our members who are undecided and the conversations that we have with them could make or break their decision to either vote for a change in Washington or for more of the same. Anytime that you are able to volunteer could directly effect the outcome of this election.

We have all probably heard about certain statewide polls that say that Senator Obama has a lead in the state. Regardless, we can not let up! We still have to work as hard as we possibly can to make sure that we are victorious on November 4th. We don’t just want to win this state, we want to WIN!! this state. Let’s win by a wide margin and not allow people to think that they can run on an anti-working family platform and think they can win Wisconsin .

For this Saturday’s walk in Milwaukee , please note that the start time will be 10 a.m. in order to again accommodate our fellow union brothers and sisters from AFSCME Council 31 who will be traveling from Chicago to join us for our labor walks.  Since we will be needing drivers for this Saturday’s Milwaukee walk, I encourage you to please arrive by 9:30 in order to be signed in and receive your walk packets in order then to pair you up with the AFSCME Council 31 members.

Here are the walks for this weekend:


Saturday, October 25th

9:30am – 1pm (Kick off at 10am)

Yatchak Hall

633 S. Hawley Road



Saturday, October 25th


Racine Labor Temple

1840 Sycamore Avenue



Saturday, October 25th


UAW Local 72

3615 Washington Road

Finally, whether it is this Saturday, or throughout the course of the week, we are needing volunteers for phone banks located in Milwaukee , Racine & Kenosha . Attached to this post, at the bottom, is my sign up sheet that breaks down the volunteer opportunities to the hour from 9am this Saturday through 8pm on Election when the polls close. It is so important that you volunteer before GOTV weekend, but if that is the only time that you are able to give, that is still huge!

If you are interested in giving any time from now until the polls close, just have a look at the sign up sheet and return it to me.

Ways to return it to me are:

1.)     Fill it out and email it back to me. The file is a word document, so you can just open it up in Microsoft Word, fill it out and email it back to me.

2.)     You can fax it to me at (414) 344-1274

3.)     You can have a look at the shifts and either call or email me the times.

4.)     Or feel free to drop it off at the Council 48 offices, 3427 W. St. Paul Ave. , Milwaukee

If you have any questions, comments or concerns don’t hesitate in contacting me.

Thanks so much everyone and I look forward to seeing you very soon. Let’s win this thing!

afscme volunteer sign up


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