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Proof That The Rally Is Working

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 24, 2008

From JSOnline:

Milwaukee County supervisors today again rejected County Executive Scott Walker’s perennial plan to substitute seasonal help for 48 full-time, year-round parks maintenance workers.

The idea was shot down by the County Board’s finance committee on a 5-2 vote, along with a handful of other parks position cuts proposed by Walker in his 2009 budget.

By salvaging the parks jobs, however, the action would increase the county levy by $3 million. Walker’s budget would freeze next year’s levy at the same $250 million level as this year’s.

Supervisor Gerry Broderick said it made no sense to replace experienced workers “with untrained, part-time fill-ins, who have no particular skills for or commitment to their jobs.” Walker has argued that with cheaper seasonal help the county could get thousands of extra hours of work.

Broderick, the chairman of the County Board’s parks committee, called Walker’s proposal “myopic and reckless” and said it would further erode the condition of county parks.

The board’s finance committee also recommended rejection of Walker’s proposal to install parking meters along the lakefront. Supervisors said Walker’s plan was poorly crafted and called for additional study.

The lakefront meters idea generated the most lively discussion of the day. Supervisor John Weishan Jr. called it “ridiculous” and said it was aimed solely at showing several hundred thousand dollars of extra revenue to help Walker make goodn on his zero levy budget increase rhetoric.

County Budget Director Steven Kreklow said installing meters along Lincoln Memorial Drive would generate at least $405,000 a year.

Supervisor Elizabeth M. Coggs said that while the idea needs more fine-tuning, “I don’t think this is dead on arrival.” She said she expected the idea to be revived next year.

Final board action on the budget is expected Nov. 6.

Don’t forget to call your County Supervisor, and tell them it would be wrong to go with Scott Walker’s plan to privatize everything he can.  Remember, the next job gone could be yours.


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