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Walker’s Ineptitude Could Cost County Jobs

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on December 31, 2008

In case you missed it, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran this story on their front page on Christmas morning.  Needless to say, I was not amused.  Neither should you be:

Milwaukee County officials are pleading with the state not to trim major contracts for programs that help the poor, elderly and disabled.

State leaders say bungling by the county in running its public assistance call center and food share program put them on alert and led to a denial of a related $2.4 million job training grant. The state also is considering shifting at least part of the contract for operating an expanded Family Care program to a private vendor. The program provides community-based services to seniors and people with disabilities.


The state’s main goal has been to prod the county to run its food stamp and other aid programs better, said Seth Bofelli, a spokesman for the state Department of Health Services.

“Our top priority is to make sure the problems with the call center and high error rates (on food stamps) are addressed,” Bofelli said. The state’s denial of the training grant over those issues was “unprecedented,” he said.

Walker’s decision this month to add more county staff to the call center after his efforts to privatize the operation stalled was a positive step, but long overdue, Bofelli said. However, the county “just has not been able to show sustained improvement,” he said.

I wrote this on my personal blog:

If Walker is worried about possible cuts in funding, why is he always giving them all the excuses they could possibly need to cut funding?

If Walker worked in the private sector, he would have been shown the door a long time ago. He has continuously cut services and the quality of services that remain, to the point of costing more in lawsuits and penalties than he saved in the first place. He continually shows the people that pays his company that they can’t trust him with his responsibilities. Yet he does this time after time after time, expecting different results. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

I know that Walker hasn’t held a real job in his life, so he might not be aware of the importance of a resume. Things like finishing school, even if you had your butt handed to you in a school election, by a write-in candidate nonetheless, is a sign of character. Dropping out isn’t. Doing well in your previous jobs is also very important.

Perhaps someone should advise Walker about that. Maybe, instead of worrying about running for higher office, he should worry about doing the job he has now. That would be a pleasant change fo pace from him and a good way to start the New Year. And if he cannot handle the job, which is becoming painfully apparent to be the case, then it is time we show him the door, while we still have a County to salvage.

You can read the whole thing by clicking here.


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