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Help Us Help Ourselves

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on January 28, 2009

Last November, the voters in Milwaukee County were finally given the chance to use their voice, and they used their voice to state that they wanted to have property tax relief, that they wanted the public transit system to be rescued, and that they wanted the parks to be rescued.

That was two and a half months ago. Since then, there hasn’t been a peep from the state legislature or from the governor’s office about this. That is more than a bit disappointing.

One would think that this would be a no-brainer for them.

According to the Quality of Life Alliance, their would be a significant cut in property tax:

Home Value Property Tax Savings $75,000 $83 $150,000 $167 $225,000 $250 $300,000 $334 $375,000 $417 $450,000 $501

Not only would it allow people to save on their property tax, it would keep the transit system viable. Without that, the transit system is due to be slashed by one third next year. That will only add more devastation to the local economy when people can’t get to work, when employers’ can’t get their workers in to make their product or to provide their service.

It would also preserve our parks as well as help maintain EMS services countywide.

The question is not can we afford the sales tax. The question is can we afford not having it?

Please contact your state Representative and Senator, as well as Governor Doyle, and tell them that they need to take the steps needed for us to start to help ourselves.


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