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Support Needed For Wage Protection Act

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on February 6, 2009

SB 2 Wage Protection Act is scheduled for a vote on Tuesday, February 10.

Contact your State Senator now.

MESSAGE: Urge your Senator to support the Senate Bill 2 Wage Protection Act which will put workers first to collect their wages when a business closes or goes bankrupt and leaves employees unpaid.

Under current law, workers are first in line to collect what is owed them—but only up to $3,000, and then the banks move in on the remaining assets. Too many workers are losing wages and benefits they have earned. The banks are in the business of taking risks and they have billions in reserves (and now billions in taxpayer bailouts, too). Workers need and deserve every paycheck!

E-MAIL: You can identify your Senator at

Each Senator can be reached through the following direct e-mail address format:

Sen.(insert last name) Be sure to include your full name

and mailing address in the e-mail so the Senator knows you are a constituent.

LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE: 1-800-362-9472 (Madison Area: 266-9960)

The Hotline staff will help identify your Senator and give you his/her toll-free

Madison office number. The Hotline is staffed Monday-Friday 8:15 am to

4:45 pm .

The banks and their lobbyists are working hard to pressure Senators to vote against this legislation. Your Senator needs to hear from you as soon as possible!


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