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Wrong Way Walker Strikes Again

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on February 19, 2009

On Monday, Walker gave us a campaign speech full of nonsense regarding taking the stimulus money, which he didn’t want in the first place, and using it for a sales tax holiday, which he can’t do anyway, instead of creating jobs and repairing the infrastructure that he has let go to hell over the past seven years.

Today, he continued his gubernatorial campaign with the same stump speech, this time in front of a captive audience at the retailers seminar. He was so proud of himself, he had to take the time to email Charlie Sykes and tell him all about it.

SIDE NOTE: I wonder if this was on County time and using County property.

SIDE NOTE II: I wonder if Dan Bice is going to look into that.

A regular reader and friend of Cog Dis pointed out this passage in Walker’s missive:

Heads nodded when I mentioned the positive impact for retail sales in Minnesota each year when they do their sales tax holiday just before the start of school. People from northwestern Wisconsin go over the river to the Twin Cities and other places to buy shoes, clothes and school supplies. It is an amazing incentive for people to buy in their state.

Said reader also pointed out that Minnesota doesn’t have a tax holiday. You know what? They are absolutely correct.

Minnesota does not have a tax holiday (pdf, top of page 2). They do have an sales tax exemption (Minn. Stat. 297A.67, Subd. 8 (a) & (b)) for clothing, however. But that lasts all year. At least for now it does. Minnesota, like the rest of the nation, is having money problems. One of their solutions include raising the sales tax and removing the clothing exemption.

On the other hand, Iowa does have a sales tax holiday. But I can’t imagine why people in northwestern Wisconsin would drive all the way to Iowa to save a couple, three bucks on some school clothes and supplies.

I know many of the Walker apologists will say he simply misspoke. But I find that a little hard to swallow since he specifically mentioned northwest Wisconsin, Minnesota and the Twin Cities. He had deliberately misled those fine people he was speaking to.

It is one thing to have a political talking point. That can be debated, and usually is here in the Cheddarsphere. I can also appreciate the exaggerations that professional politicians put into their job. After all they are trying to sell a product, themselves, and so want to paint themselves in the best light possible.

But it is a whole different thing to tell deliberate lies. That means that either the idea stinks to high heaven, the candidate does, or both stink.

I guess we shouldn’t be too shocked by the whole thing, though. And to be fair, Walker could be geographically-impaired.

After all, Walker has been taken the County in the wrong direction for seven years now.


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