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Posted by Chris Liebenthal on April 27, 2009

From the Action Alert System:

President Obama’s budget puts the needs of regular Americans first for the first time in eight years. The vote in Congress is expected any day. We need your help to make sure it passes and the needs of working families and our communities are protected.

Please urge your senators and representative in Congress to vote YES on the Obama budget.

Republicans have become the “Party of No”and they’re fighting tooth and nail to defeat a plan that will get our country back on track. It’s time to take a stand for a budget and an economy that works for working families. Here’s why it’s so crucial to pass the Obama budget:

  1. It increases the amount of federal investment in public services, making it vitally important to AFSCME members and our entire economyevery $1 invested in public services yields $1.38 in economic activity.
  2. About 30 percent of our state budgets come from the federal government. With more dollars invested in public services, our states will have more money to meet skyrocketing demand for serviceslike health care and public safety.
  3. The proposed federal budget paves the way for health care reform. Right now, members of Congress (who are on our side) are fighting to include a provision that will prevent a small minority of Republican senators from delaying or derailing health care reform. Fixing the economy means fixing health care.

AFSCME members and working families are on the frontlines of our economic crisis, and it’s up to us keep our communities going. Today, that means helping pass President Obama’s budget.

Please join me and the thousands of other AFSCME members in e-mailing your senators and representative today. Just click here to send a powerful, unified message to Congress:

In Solidarity,

Tracey Conaty
AFSCME e-Action Network


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