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Walker’s Almost Big Day

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on April 29, 2009

Tuesday was supposed to be Scott Walker’s big day, as he toured the state to issue his hurried proclamation of war on the State of Wisconsin, er, I mean, Governor Jim Doyle.

Xoff does a pretty good job of rounding things up, including his ham and cheese fisted attempts at twittering (he forgot the -tering part), his first official lie of the campaign, and his plans to campaign on the tax payers dollar. Again.

But there are a couple of things that Xoff missed.

One was that while Walker was traipsing around the state telling the gullible how he was so much better than Doyle, how he was going to run an efficient government, and so forth, the state legislature was passing the law that would allow the state to take over the Income Maintenance programs in Milwaukee County.*

The other was just the vulgarity of Walker finally admitting to his campaigning on Workers Memorial Day. Walker has caused many injuries to county workers at the House of Corrections and at the mental health complex by his willful failure to maintain safe staffing levels. This would be as absurd and inappropriate as Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen stating that everyone should be packing guns on the anniversary of the Columbine Massacre.

Is there something about today’s conservatives that they have lost all sense of perspective and respect?

*What the heck was Glenn Grothman smoking when he said this:

Some of the state workers that Milwaukee County were forced to hire to help run public assistance programs had a “work ethic” problem, for example, said Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend).

I checked and the County never hired state workers. On top of that, the state has regularly outperformed the county, probably because they have more staff and better management. Thirdly, it was Walker who willfully refused to fill those empty slots, even though he had the money to do so. Now, the taxpayers are stuck with a $14 million dollar bill due to Walker’s malfeasance.


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