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Oh, That Darn Liberal Media

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on June 10, 2009

We all know how the right wing likes to tell us how liberal the media is. We know, because they try to tell this to us every hour of every day. Of course, they are wrong every time as well.

Yesterday, when the County Board finally learned that Walker was doing some bad faith bargaining, and was threatening union workers with over 300 layoffs, every single news outlet covered the story.

Today, the County Board tried to get their message out. County Board Supervisors Coggs, Lipscomb, West and Clark appeared on 1290 AM radio to point out the facts that Walker did this in an underhanded way, that there is no real fiscal emergency, and that Walker’s proposed solution won’t work.

The County Board also had a press conference about it today, and issued a press release as well. (Unfortunately, they don’t even cover any of the big stuff, which I will at a later date.)

At the time of this writing, WISN Channel 12 had this story covering it:

Supervisors say the county executive’s proposal would be devastating for many county programs and they people they serve.

“All of the people who have been reporting to the finance committee have been giving half truths, half-data,” said Holloway, “not being straight-forward and not allowing us to make good policy decisions.”

“It appears to me that we are being set up, similar to when we went through the pension fiasco,” said Milwaukee County Supervisor Elizabeth Coggs. “When you have staff that is not giving you factual, clear and concise information, and withholding information … that puts everyone in Milwaukee County in harm’s way.”

The story goes on about how Walker tries to defend himself, saying he had a legal right to do this. What he doesn’t mention is that he doesn’t really have a right to force the workers to stipulate to an illegal piece of extortion:

The head of the AFSCME local, which represents about 4,000 county workers, told WISN 12 News’ Kent Wainscott late Wednesday that if the county executive has the authority to declare a 35-hour workweek that he should not need the union’s approval.

Meanwhile, at the time of this writing, TMJ4, WITI Fox 6, and CBS58 failed to even mention it. The local daily paper also refused to carry a story that would make their favorite look bad.

But then again, the gentle reader already knows that they are able to find the truth hear that the local media refused to report. Which makes Eugene Kane’s post trying to tell people that “blogging is dead” look like something Patrick McIlheran would have written.


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