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Outdated Numbers

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on June 13, 2009

My good friend, Jay Bullock, pointed out that Daily Kos reported taking a poll showing that if the gubernatorial elections were held now, both Governor Doyle or Lieutenant Governor Lawton would easily beat Scott Walker.

Polls are what they are, and polls from a highly partisan source like Kos should be taken with that even more in mind. In other words, take it as a very vague trend at best.

That said, I think that if they, or anyone else were to take a poll now, they would come up with an even wider margin of victory for either of the two Democrats. In fact, it is starting to look like even I could beat Walker in a statewide race soon.

Even before Walker’s shenanigans of this past week, the people around the northern castle don’t have a lot of respect for him. And that was without them knowing who I was or what I did, but just having casual conversations about politics.

This morning, my self-proclaimed neocon father said that even the people that he hangs around with were not very fond of him, preferring Mark Neumann. Father reports that their attitude towards Walker only got worse when they read the news this week that he was threatening to cut services, and that he wants to tax toddlers and rob old people who paid good money for year round passes to the swimming pools.

Per my dad, one guy said he was sick of Walker holding the County hostage while he prances around the state running for governor.

I wonder what will happen with the 2010 budget, when Walker reportedly wants to decimate services by cutting somewhere from 500-800 jobs, close up some parks, and slash the bus lines even further, but has enough money to give to his buddies and go for campaign bike rides on our dime.


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