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Taxing Toddlers And Robbing Senior Citizens

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on June 14, 2009

From County Supervisors Johnny Thomas, Marina Dimitrijevic, and John Weishan:

“Scott Walker’s knee-jerk reaction to cut County services without putting any thought into the impact of these cuts is deplorable. In this case, he is closing the Pulaski and Noyes indoor pools until Labor Day. This decision adversely affects a number of County residents, including senior citizens and children who use these pools for swimming lessons. Many of these individuals found out about the closures when they tried to attend their daily swim lessons, only to see a closed sign posted on the door.

“While the County may see a slight reduction in operating expenses at these pools, revenues will also be lost when they are not in use. Even worse, some of the affected users may not return after Labor Day, resulting in even more depressed revenues over the long term.

“The County Executive is leaving swimmers of all ages upstream. On another aquatic note, the County Executive has decided to start taxing toddlers, too. They will now have to pay $1 to use wading pools, rather than enjoy them at no charge. This is a 100% increase on our toddlers and their families.”

Also worth noting are the locations of the two indoor swimming pools that Walker wants to close. Does anyone seriously think that Walker would have even considered closing these pools if they were in Tosa and Franklin instead?


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