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The Truth? Walker Can’t Handle TheTruth!

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on June 18, 2009

Three months ago, Walker sent out the word to his department heads that he wanted their respective budgets cut by 3% due to budget problems. That may be a new record for Walker having one of his budgets blow up. Usually he needs until July or August before his budgets self-destruct.

For three months, they brainstormed about what to do. Walker made the final decisions on what to do. These decisions included illegally raises a new tax on toddlers and stealing money by defrauding senior citizens. Since he announced those foolish ideas, I’ve been calling him out on it, but his supporters either ignored me, or called me just another union hack.

Heh. Hack this:

Conceding he’d overstepped his authority, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker on Thursday reversed course and ordered Noyes and Pulaski indoor swimming pools reopened.

The planned imposition of a $1 admission fee for county wading pools – another move Walker announced as a way to offset a $15 million budget deficit this year – was also quietly rescinded Thursday. Those pools will remain free.

The shifts brought cheers, including from regular swimmers who were alarmed when the two indoor pools were abruptly closed last week. But it also renewed concern that several of Walker’s budget moves may have overreached the limits of his power.

“I don’t know anywhere in America where you can just institute a new fee without getting the legislative body involved,” county Supervisor John Weishan Jr. said.

Weishan said he would ask the County Board to approve a lawsuit aimed at clarifying the limits of the county executive’s power. Raising fees or imposing new ones should be beyond the scope of what the county’s top official can do without County Board concurrence, Weishan said.

But Walker, despite getting publicly embarrassed like that, isn’t done telling lies.

Also on JSOnline today, Walker is still trying to spin his way out of allowing Milwaukee County property tax payers from catching a break when he tries to deny the benefits of the 1% sales tax. His concern is that the State’s budget, which allows it to happen, doesn’t specifically guarantee that it would be used to help with property tax.

And to top it off, Cody at One Wisconsin Now has him busted for flat out lies in one of his money-begging letters:

As expected, Walker spends most of the letter calling for a return to those conservative economic principles that brought on the economic collapse, but in one glaring instance he just flat out lies about Doyle’s budget. On page three of the letter, Walker writes:

“Governor Doyle’s budget… cuts state aid for District Attorneys, yet not a single state employee will lose their job or be placed on furlough to help balance the budget.”

The fact is, every legislative office will see furloughs or pay cuts and every state employees is facing furloughs of 16 days without being allowed to collect unemployment.

Is he so desperate to try to win the Republican nomination that he has surrendered all integrity?


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