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AFSCME Action Alert

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on June 22, 2009

From Ryan Neibauer:

We are still looking for members to make calls into their Assembly Representatives and State Senators about two very important provisions to the state budget. Please read below about how to take the appropriate action.

For anyone who has already called or sent an email, thank you so much!! If you have already, please let me know, so I make sure that you get the credit.

If you still are willing to help take action, please let me know, so I can keep a record of who is calling into where. Thanks again everyone!!


The Legislature is in the final stages of work on the state budget.  Work may be completed as early as next week.  While there are many provisions still in play, two items in particular require immediate action by AFSCME members across the state.  Please call your legislator TODAY!! There is no time to wait.  Action must be taken now.  Please ask you Senator and Representative to:

  • SUPPORT the requirement that the Department of Employee Trust Funds allow retirees in the Wisconsin Retirement System to choose to have union dues deducted from their pensions.

o   This provision simply creates a mechanism for people to maintain their involvement in an organization that helped create and protect their pension while they were a public employee, and will continue to do so in their retirement.  Allowing union dues to be deducted from pension checks is already allowed in more than 40 retirement systems in the country.


  • OPPOSE the Senate provision that would make changes to the Public Works Contract and Bids process.

o   This provision would place street and highway crews across Wisconsin in jeopardy of suffering massive cuts. Under the provision, counties and municipalities would be required to bid out any road improvement work over $25,000, and counties would be prohibited from conducting work on their own systems with their own funds and crews.  Counties would also be prohibited from doing work for municipalities in their county.  Eliminating counties from working on these projects would not only force massive scale backs by counties, but increase the costs of these projects on taxpayers.

Again, time is very short and action is needed NOW!!  Call or email your legislator directly today!!!!!

Who is your Legislator?  Find out online at

Or call the Legislative Hotline M-F from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm: 800-362-9472. If you are not able to make the call during regular business hours, feel free to call after hours and leave a message.


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