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Posted by Chris Liebenthal on June 22, 2009

Just when I thought I’ve thoroughly covered one of Walker’s shenanigans enough, like his tax payer/corporate sponsored campaign bike ride enough, and all of its ethical problems, something else pops up.

Mike Tate, recently elected to be the head of the DPW, hasn’t wasted any time coming out with his volley against Walker. Tate explains to us in a press release, just how little Walker appreciates or supports Wisconsin businesses:

A call to the Hampton Inn confirmed that all 25 rooms in Walker’s block have already been reserved, meaning that Walker’s entourage will fork over a total of $3,925 to the state of Minnesota. Walker is illegally uses a combination of taxpayer dollars and corporate contributions to fund the campaign tour.

In the event that Walker chooses to reconsider his hotel choice, the DPW has taken the liberty of mapping out a route to a nearby Wisconsin hotel. Rooms at the Best Western in Superior, located just five minutes from where Walker will stay, run for just $89 per-night. See the directions to the Best Western:

“At a time when Wisconsin businesses are in need of support, Scott Walker is splurging on out-of-state hotel rooms and showering Minnesota businesses with thousands of Wisconsin dollars,” said Tate.

They even come out with a pretty darn funny video as well, which they call “WalkerCard“:

Zach at Blogging Blue reminds us that this isn’t the first time Walker has outsourced business out of state, as when it turned out that his campaign’s website was developed by a company in Ohio.

James Rowen tells us the whole thing is a misunderstanding. (BTW, James, you owe me a new monitor. The old one has soda all over it.)

Walker tells JSOnline that somehow by sleeping in Duluth will promote tourism more than if he slept five minutes away in Superior. Yeah, I know, I don’t get it either.

But there are three things that Mr. Tate, Mr. Rowen and Mr. Wisniewski have all missed:

  1. Walker booked this tour six months ago. This means that either he was willing to spend tax payer dollars on the more expensive, out-of-state hotel, or he already had secured the funding from Air Tran, while their request for extra room at Mitchell Field was in front of the Board, which would cement the fact that Walker committed a violation of election ethics.
  2. Putting the fact that Walker chose the out-of-state hotel for a minute, one cannot ignore the fact that he chose the hotel that costs $157 per night over the hotel that was only five minutes away and would’ve cost $89, or $68 dollars less per room per night. Can we really afford someone that has that high taste with our tax dollars?
  3. Why did Walker ask Air Tran for the money anyway? If he was going to not do the right thing and use his own campaign money, but seek out illegal corporate donations, couldn’t he at least have picked a company based in Milwaukee County? That is what he is supposed to be promoting anyway, right? I bet the folks at Midwest Airlines, which is based right here in Milwaukee, are just loving having the County Executive riding around campaigning with a big, old Air Tran flag on his bike. Walker disses Wisconsin and Milwaukee many times over with this stunt.

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