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Walker: Stimulus Flip Flop #37,582

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on June 30, 2009

From this morning’s story on how Doyle vetoed the sales tax that was designed to help preserve Milwaukee County’s transit system:

Walker said the county can get through 2011 without a major crisis in transit funding, thanks to an infusion of federal stimulus funds to be used to purchase new buses. He’ll continue to advocate for privatizing the operation of Mitchell International Airport as a way to generate revenue to pay for transit, he said.

With the way Scott Walker flip flops regarding his position, or lack thereof, on the stimulus dollars, I wouldn’t be surprised if the old joke about the ever-changing Milwaukee weather will soon become:

If you don’t like Scott Walker’s stance on stimulus dollars, wait ten minutes. It’ll change.

And as for privatizing the airport, I am surprised he is still harping on that, given all the problems they are having at Midway. Then again, on second thought, I guess I’m not surprised.


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