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Neumann To Enter Gubernatorial Race

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on July 1, 2009

Governor wannabe Scott Walker is sure having a hard time of it.

Just this week alone, he got slapped down by an arbitrator that pointed out that he is not the King of Milwaukee County. He then had a nationally known neocon figurehead come and disrespect him at his own fundraiser. He then got busted flip-flopping yet again on stimulus funds. Now he finds himself trying desperately, and failing to cover up the fact that he lied about the supposed it deficit with this lame attempt:

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s budget deficit announcement and push for a 35-hour workweek for county employees prodded the County Board and judges to take needed budget trimming action, one of Walker’s top aides said Tuesday.

Announcing a $14.9 million year-end deficit — since lowered to $4.4 million — and unpaid furloughs provided incentives for action, said county Administrative Services Director Cynthia Archer.

Of course, almost no one is buying into that garbage, much less the County Board:

Some county supervisors, however, have been sharply critical, saying Walker and Archer cried wolf on a deficit that’s not all that serious.

County Board Chairman Lee Holloway blasted Archer, saying she was dishonest with supervisors about the severity of the projected deficit.

She should steer clear of political games and be more straightforward with the County Board, he said.

And this was all by the end of the day Tuesday.

Wednesday is already shaping up to be a day of woe for Team Walker as well.

Wednesday is the day that the first viable Republican candidate will be announcing his run for governor:

Former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann is to make official Wednesday his Republican bid for governor in 2010, touting his private-sector experience as the necessary antidote to high state taxes and spending.

Neumann’s candidacy ensures a hard-fought – and likely well-funded – GOP primary contest against Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, who announced his candidacy for governor in late April. Appleton businessman Mark Todd also has announced plans to run as a Republican.

Neumann is already staking out one of his strategies as painting himself to be the only candidate with experience in the private sector.

We have already discussed the idea of which candidate, Neumann or Walker, is more beatable. In said discussion, I stated that I thought Walker was more beatable, and I still feel that way.

Walker has the baggage of leading Milwaukee County from the frying pan into the fire as well as all of his campaign miscues already. Even though Walker has been actively campaigning, he still does not have a lot of name recognition, and many of those that do recognize his name usually spit when they hear it.

Neumann, on the other hand, as only the baggage of some outrageous, bigoted positions.

But Walker even manages to blow that advantage. It was just announced that he has taken Michael Grebe to be the chair of his campaign. Grebe is the CEO and President of the Bradley Foundation. The Bradley Foundation is the same group that came up with the racist The Bell Curve and The Feeding Trough, which were solely created in the aim of turning public opinion against minorities, namely African Americans, and poor people.

It should be noted that Grebe came into his office well after these things were published, so he may or may not have any part of their release, but it is still the same group, and will surely be brought up if and when someone goes after Neumann for his stances of hate.

All in all, it should be entertaining for the next year, except for the prospect of Walker trying to continue to run his campaign on the backs of Milwaukee County citizens and workers.


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  1. […] Neumann declares for governor By The Sconz Mark Neumann, the former congressman who was narrowly defeated by Russ Feingold in a 1998 senate race, just declared his candidacy for the GOP gubernatorial nomination. He’ll be going up against Scott Walker, the Milwaukee County executive and heavy favorite, as well as Mark Todd, a businessman from Appleton. According to Chris Liebenthal, Neumann is the only viable one of the lot. […]

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