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What Did He Have For Lunch?

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on July 7, 2009

Let’s see:

Scott Walker boasts about his campaign bike ride on a Harley, and Harley Davidson runs into an economic brick wall and lays off over a thousand workers and closes their Franklin plant.

Then just before his campaign bike ride, he officially announces his campaign, and has a website developed by an agency out of Ohio, claiming no one in Wisconsin could do the job. Funny thing is, one of his primary rivals had no problem finding a local agency more than capable of doing the job, but in a rather good fashion on top of that.

When Walker finally goes on said campaign bike ride, it is sponsored by Georgia-based Air Tran. While on his illegally funded bike ride, local airline Midwest Express crashes and burns.

With the lack of support that Walker has shown for local business, I would not find it surprising that while Patrick Cudahy had been burning day and night, Walker would’ve have taken time from his power tweeting, to do a campaign luncheon, eating bacon cheeseburgers, with real California cheese and Missouri-based Farmland bacon.


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