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If They’re So Good, Why Does He Want To Destroy Them?

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on July 11, 2009

In this week’s Executive Newsletter, Scott Walker is bragging about the Milwaukee Parks System and that it has won a number of prizes for best future plans.

I find that more than a bit ironic and disingenuous, especially in light of the fact that he just announced that he wants to destroy them in next year’s budget.

In his newsletter, his tech people included a link to this video, which I will admit is very well done, and stars the classy John McGivern.

But as I watched it, a few thoughts struck me:

  • There were many mentions of corporate sponsors like Loew’s and Harley Davidson, as well as citizen groups, like the Park People of Milwaukee, stepping up and donating time, money and resources to keep the parks in shape.
  • With the economy being what it is, and companies like Harley Davidson having their own financial problems, what would happen if they decide they can no longer support the parks? I highly doubt it would be pretty.
  • All the corporate sponsors point out what bad shape the parks were in before they came in to fix them. Mmm, I wonder who’s fault that is…
  • In the newspaper article about these awards, the workers are always acknowledged and thanked for doing so much with so little, but in the video, Walker doesn’t even acknowledge them.

But the one overwhelming, reoccurring thought is this: When are we going to have a county executive that actually puts Milwaukee County first?


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