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Does Walker Even Stand A Chance Upstate?

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on July 30, 2009

Klements_SausagesToday I received this week’s edition of the Iola Herald (which is really just another title now for the Waupaca Post, which is owned by Journal Communications, Inc.)

In the paper, they have an article about the Klement’s Racing Sausages, who had made an appearance and helped with some fund raising up there.

Since the website didn’t think it was worthy of putting online, I will have to transcribe it here:

Hot dogs invade Iola!

by Randy Rosenberger

IOLA – While making our way to the local IGA Foodliner in the bustling little community of Iola, we came upon an unusual sight o Saturday, July 11. No, not a classic or vintage auto, though we did feast our eyes on some real beauties, but a group of large sausages – a bunch of hot dogs!

On closer inspection of the surrounding scene, we found that our own Iola Living Assistance was hosting a brat fry at the IGA brat stand.

While observing these famous Klements’ characters, we were amused at their antics in trying to attract customers to support the sponsors of the even, Iola Living Assistance. Great job, guys, for hosting such an amusing event amide the hustle and bustle of the Iola Old Car Show, where thousands of people were on hand to enjoy all that Iola has to offer to its guests and visitors.

Above the article is a picture, taken by Mr. Rosenberger, of the Klements brat, hot dog and polish sausage with a caption that read: “The Klements hot dogs helped attract customers to a local brat fry on July 11.”

Now, I think everyone would admit that the Klements’ racing sausages are famous statewide, if not throughout the Midwest. But if Mr. Rosenberger, the editor, and all the other people involved didn’t catch on to the fact that the sausages are more than just mere hot dogs, what chance does a wiener like Scott Walker have in distinguishing himself in the outer parts of the state?


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