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The Twit Off: Round 4

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on August 12, 2009

Cory Liebmann got us started out with watching the Twit Off between Scott Walker and Mark Neumann. Cory then gave us the Macho Man edition and the third round where Neumann took the lead.

With an apology to Cory for stealing his shtick, I would like to present round four, where it starts getting serious (for one of them anyway).

Neumann took a serious swipe at Walker yesterday with this tweet:

However, despite that blow, that was all Neumann has really produced that had close to any meat to it.

Walker, on the other hand, had spent the weekend taking swipes at himself. In no particular order, we see Walker comparing the health care bill to the County’s pension problems.

This would do nothing to convince me that Walker knows what he is talking about since he is still ignoring the pension scandals and his own shortcomings in fixing them.

Walker also has this prize:

Since when did a Bush know anything about growing jobs or education?

Third in this series is the tweet wherein Walker thanks Newt Gingrich and John Engler for tips on being a reformer.

But didn’t Walker run for the last seven years as being a reformer? And he is just learning what it means now?

And last, but not least in Walker’s acts of self-flagellation, Walker thanks Governors Purdue, Barbour and Lingle for giving him tips on how to govern.

Excuse me? How to govern? In seven years of being County Executive, he doesn’t know how to lead yet?

To recap: Neumann gives only one tweet, but it is a direct blow at Walker’s lack of experience. Walker has been much more prolific, but only manages to remind one of all of his shortcomings.

The advantage has to go to Neumann.


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