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Doom And Despair, They Cried, And It’s All The Union’s Fault

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on August 26, 2009

So, the union members rejected the last contract offer from Mercury Marine.

As James Rowen points out, the right is guaranteed to blame it on the unions and on Doyle. In fact, most have them already have done so.

The thing is, Doyle has already called for both sides to sit at the bargaining table and keep working on negotiations. The union is willing to concede some points, but want a guarantee that their jobs will still be there. Management won’t give it to them. In fact, I haven’t heard that management, or any of the non-represented positions have given up anything of their own either.

Another thing, having gone through the anxiety and stress of a number of contract negotiations, I would be willing to bet that we don’t know the whole story. The union is following fair bargaining laws and not talking about it publicly. Mercury Marine management apparently don’t hold the same compunction and is blabbing, but I really doubt that they are giving the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Something else I am quite familiar with, thanks to my best bud, Scott Walker.

It also appears that Mercury Marine was ready to move anyway. They had already laid off hundreds of workers over the last several years. Now, they were just looking for a convenient excuse. So they offer a piece of crap contract, figuring that the union will reject it, and viola, instant excuse.

All that said, without knowing all the facts, I cannot say if the union members did the right thing or not, or if it even mattered what they did.

But of course, not knowing all the facts has never slowed the right wingers down before. Why should this be any different?


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