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Walker Can’t Even Win His Own Poll

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on August 26, 2009

Perpetual gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker had his campaign pay for a poll to be done (someone check to see if it really was his campaign, and not tax payer money or corporate sponsorship). Needless to say, Walker must not be very happy with the predictable results:

The statewide poll found 44% of likely primary voters saying they favored Walker vs. 43% for Barrett, with 13% undecided, according to the poll. Walker is an announced Republican candidate for governor. Barrett, a Democrat, has not said whether he’s interested in running for governor.

Imagine that. Walker who has been campaigning for the past five years for governor, can’t even beat a guy who hasn’t even thought about whether he would want to even run. Furthermore, Blogging Blue did a little research, and found that Tom Barrett has almost as much money as Walker, again without even giving a run any serious thought.

Another blow to Walker’s overinflated ego must be the fact that despite five years of campaigning, he still has a worse recognition rate than Barrett. It just shows what kind of impression he makes on people.

But these results shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Just look at what has been happening over the last year or two.

Two years ago, Walker was doing such a lousy job managing the Private Industry Council, that the State was forced to take it away and give it to Mayor Tom Barrett and the City of Milwaukee.

Earlier this year, Barrett also showed that he has much better leadership skills by taking the reigns and running over Walker’s obstructing maneuvers to finally resolve the almost two decade long battle over federal transit funding.

Even Walker has acknowledged that Barrett is a more productive leader when he has repeatedly pushed to have the City of Milwaukee buy the Park East Corridor. Walker has been unable to do anything with the land, mostly because he has continuously put his campaign staff on the county payroll, in the job of trying to sell it.

Most recently, while Walker was running around campaigning, Barrett was actually putting his very life on the line to better the community and help someone in trouble. Walker, on the other hand, can’t even manage a designed program to help people in less immediate, but still serious, need.

A savvy and viable candidate might realize that what he has been doing isn’t working when he can’t win his own poll and admits that the other guy can do the job better. I don’t expect Walker to change a thing.


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