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Milwaukee Brand TEA Party Tea: Now Fortified With More Irony

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on September 16, 2009

The right wing of the Cheddarsphere is all abuzz with the coming of the teabagger, Party of No, birthers, and other assorted wingnuts. Off course, this is strictly a grassroots effort, as pointed out by its loud and garish website and it being hosted by the misnamed Americans for Prosperity.

The list of speakers is quickly becoming to bear a close resemblance to the patient roster at Arkham Asylum, almost each worthy of a post by themselves.

One of these speakers that add a high, possibly toxic, level of irony is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

These TEA parties are supposed to be all about there being too many taxes and too much spending by our governments. But Clarke flies in the face of all that.

This past spring, after the Milwaukee County Board had to again correct one of Scott Walker’s foolish displays of grandstanding, this time about stimulus dollars, Clarke made damn sure that the Sheriff’s Office was one of the first with their hands out:

Another thing that the MJS failed to report was that Sheriff’s Inspector Kevin Carr, representing Sheriff David Clarke, a conservative, stated that the Sheriff’s office wanted to have pursue several millions of dollars of money to replace the antiquated medical records for the jail and the House of Correction, replacing it with an updated electronic system of record keeping. He also pointed out that the Sheriff’s Office needed 50 new squad cars. Inspector Carr pointed out that it would be irresponsible to ask the Board for this money in the fall if they did not avail themselves of the stimulus dollars first.

If that wasn’t enough, when Walker called for the recommended budgets earlier this summer, complete with 15% cuts, Clarke not only failed to give any cuts, but then asked for another $6 million just for the House of Corrections, most of which is needed to clean up the mess of it that Walker had made when he had jurisdiction over it:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. is seeking more than $6 million to upgrade the House of Correction in Franklin, including new video surveillance equipment, an Internet-based visitation system and four security gates for closing off areas of the sprawling lockup in case of a disturbance.

The money will be part of Clarke’s 2010 budget request and comes on the heels of glowing reviews he has gotten for overhauling operations at the facility since he took it over in January.

Isn’t it time that everyone stop pretends that these are events of patriotism or people rebelling against what they perceive as being unfair taxes and call them what they really are: The conservatives continuation of their temper tantrum to having lost power over the last few elections and an excuse for the lunatic fringe to behave poorly.


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