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But I Thought There Was A Deficit…

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on September 17, 2009

Scott Walker has been beating the deficit drum for over six months now, claiming the entire time that next year, the County is facing a $90 million deficit. Of course, this is the same guy that said this year’s budget deficit was $15 million, but that turned out to be far from accurate.

But in today’s paper, Walker is stating that he wants to take all sorts of federal money, as well as money he doesn’t have, and probably won’t get, from selling the county grounds, to buy one bus, for one bus route.

As Jason Haas, my colleague at Milwaukee County First. points out, this is a ludicrous idea, considering how he wants to slash routes and raise fairs for the people that actually do need the bus to get to and from their real places of employment, not just to imaginary schools that haven’t been built.

This is just yet another example of Walker putting his political goals in front of the best interest of Milwaukee County. If Walker’s numbers on the deficit were in any way accurate, I can’t believe that even he would be dumb enough to make this as a serious consideration.

He really needs to stop this.


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