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Walker Vs. Neumann: First Blood

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on September 21, 2009

Cory Liebmann started off watching the Twitter battle between Scott Walker and Mark Neumann.
He got me hooked to the point where I wrote a version of “The Twit Off” myself.

I notice now that at least Mark Neumann has used Twitter to promote an increase in aggression in the Great Big Twit Off. He and his campaign team have been using twitter to promote a piece he put up on his campaign site.

For the most part, Neumann expounds on what is wrong with the state government. But he does not stop without taking a swing at Walker’s track record in Milwaukee County:

And finally, also in Section B there’s an article stating that Milwaukee County is increasing it’s borrowing in order to capitalize on more stimulus money. In addition, MKE County budget analysts are projecting a $78 million budget deficit in the next fiscal year, and increasing to over $150 million by 2014. It goes on to state that projections include an assumed 3% annual INCREASE in County tax levies, an INCREASE in spending by 5.5%, and an increase in revenues of 3.5%. Does anyone see a problem with this? This is not that complicated, government CANNOT CONTINUE to increase spending and increase taxes to fund their bad spending habits.

This can not come as a surprise to anyone. I, as well as most anyone (and their uncle) that wasn’t a Walker acolyte and/or sycophant knew that Walker was going to have a lot of problems when people actually started to take a look at his record. This will only get worse for Walker as he unveils his proposed 2010 budget.

But no matter how bad it will get for Walker, it will most likely be worse for Milwaukee County, who Walker only sees as a sacrificial lamb for his monomaniacal quest for the governor’s seat.


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