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Scott Walker: The New Jim Doyle?

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 2, 2009

Jack Craver thinks so:

Let’s start with the county budget Walker unveiled the other day. Like his buddy Jim Doyle, Walker increased spending for the government he was responsible for by roughly 6 percent. Like Doyle, Walker relied on money from the federal stimulus plan to fund the shortfall he had created by refusing to raise taxes.

Like Doyle, Walker claims he has never raised property taxes. Like Doyle, and very much like Mayor Dave Cieslewicz, Walker raised fees instead by hiking the bus fare and installing more parking meters in the city. Oh, and a ticket for the zoo costs more now. Couldn’t we have dealt with the recession without bringing the animal kingdom into the mix? They have nothing to do with this.

Walker talks a big game about cutting down government services, but his favorite tactic to fulfill this campaign pledge is merely to “privatize” the service, meaning the taxpayers pay and a company makes money.

As for debt, well, Walker has announced plans to triple his county’s debt burden for 2010. Who will deal with it is not really his problem. Even if he isn’t elected governor, the county board in Milwaukee is considering abolishing the position of county executive.

I also don’t necessarily think he was wrong about the clip on tie. (If you’re scratching your head at this, go back and read his piece.)

H/T to the Sconz


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