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Oh, Those Union Thugs! Part II – Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 4, 2009

Here are some of the signs that were at the pro-Milwaukee County Rally today.

Why does Walker want our money going out of the county?
The right always tries to forget this point:

Walker doesn’t know the meaning of good faith:

Where was CRG when all these other unions, like the nurses and the lawyers got raises? Oh, yeah, they were still trying to recall Governor Doyle. Failing at that, now they can do his campaigning for him.


Yup, again:

I really liked this one:

Even the other side had their signs, but only two that I saw. This guy and another guy that joined the picket line:

By far, this has to be my favorite:

There was also some other, professionally printed signs with the standard fair of “No More Cuts,” “Public Services = Quality of Life,” and the such. There was not one single sign that portrayed Walker as Hitler, as a fascist, questioned his heritage, etc.

Again, we are much classier than the tea partiers or the CRG goons.


2 Responses to “Oh, Those Union Thugs! Part II – Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign”

  1. emilym said

    “All these other unions, like nurses and lawyers”!?! I am an RN and have never been in a union; worked in seven different places, none of which have unions. Maybe some RNs are in some union somewhere, but nobody that I know! And since when have lawyers been in a union? They don’t NEED one! Good grief.

    As to public employees, sorry, but I have noticed many a time, that they just do not work as hard as those of us in the private sector. I can think of DOT employees, public health employees, county workers…won’t bore y’all with the details, but in each of these instances, if I tried the kind of things these people got away with, I’d be out of a job!

    What makes you think ANY of us are “entitled” to raises with WI’s economy the way it is!? If some other union somewhere got a raise, it doesn’t mean YOU can get one, just as if another hospital’s RNs get a raise, it doesn’t mean we at OUR hospital “need” to get one, too. Them’s the breaks! I’m just glad to have a job.

    • Chris Liebenthal said


      Actually the union people that were at this rally have a tentative contract that they voluntarily ratified to have a two year pay freeze, pay higher health insurance premiums and copays, and agree to six weeks of reduced work hours. In exchange, we just want to keep our jobs.

      That would have saved the county almost $10 million, but Walker and his cronies on the Board have refused to accept it, costing the taxpayers more money.

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