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Kudos to Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 5, 2009

From County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic:

Violence is cowardly alternative to participating in honest debate regarding 2010 budget

Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic released the following statement in response to the violent actions initiated by a CRG supporter at a rally over the weekend:

“It is unfortunate that what could have been an honest debate on the budget was tainted by the violent actions against two protesters. This is unacceptable. We all need to work together to get through the 2010 County Budget process, and these actions were wrong and divisive. Anytime one resorts to violence, it is a cowardly alternative to the real debate. I hope that those who organized and participated in this rally join me in publicly condemning this violent act.”

At least one official had the fortitude to say it as it really is. Unfortunately, Chris Kleismet, head of CRG, didn’t have that fortitude.


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