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David Clarke: Now Aiding and Abetting Felons

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 6, 2009

A year ago, Dan Bice at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported about how Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was actually trying to help a drunk driver get out of a snowbank instead of, you know, arresting him or something. To cover up his error, he made false allegations against the deputy who came in and did his job for him.

A couple of days ago, Bice did another story that once again shows the hypocrisy of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. In short, the story shows that Clarke, who was blasting at everyone and anyone just days earlier about not attaining DNA samples from felons, turns out to have the same problem himself. And not only does he get nailed for being a hypocrite, it looks like he is trying to minimize the level of his hypocrisy:

By his admission, department employees – deputies, corrections officers and civilians – failed to collect DNA at the correctional facility from April to August, a five-month stretch. That means about 350 convicted felons didn’t give samples to authorities, Clarke estimated. In addition, no one took DNA swabs from 28 others on electronic monitoring.

And those numbers may be light.

Sources within the Sheriff’s Department say the blunder went on for much longer than five months, perhaps as long as a year. They also say the number of inmates who didn’t give their DNA may have reached 1,000.

Another interesting couple of tidbits from the article are these:

“This wasn’t done intentionally,” said one source, who suggested the problem was due to lack of staff and supervisors. “It fell through the cracks.”


Not usually the self-effacing type, Clarke acknowledged that his department had slipped up. He said he didn’t have the manpower to assign someone to DNA duty full time.

If there isn’t enough manpower to do the work, whose at fault. Is Clarke being inefficient with his resources? Or is it that he hasn’t been given enough resources to begin with?

If it’s the former, then I certainly hope a qualified candidate steps up for the next election. If said candidate was a Democrat, that would give us twice the chance of getting a good Sheriff.

If it’s the latter, well, we all know who sets the budget. I wonder if Walker could be labeled as being party to the crime.

I suspect part of the problem is that instead of doing his job, he is blogging about MPS, which is not even in his jurisdiction. It’s almost as if he is gearing up for an election to a higher office. Maybe he should show him able to do the one he has now before worrying about another job. But that does seem to be a common ailment among local conservatives.


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