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Walker’s Campaign Chair Disses Walker

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on October 14, 2009

In the Wednesday PM update which came in the old inbox, they have a story about an interview with Michael Grebe, head honcho of the Bradley Foundation and campaign chairman for Scott Walker. In the story, Grebe trips up his candidate and his on-and-off again relationship with stimulus funding:

Mike Grebe, president and CEO of the Bradley Foundation, told Mike Gousha that it was right for the federal government to intervene during last year’s economic meltdown, but its intervention in the nation’s economy has now gone too far.

“In the capital markets a year ago, we would have had a disaster on our hands, economically,” Grebe, a former Republican National Committeeman for Wisconsin, told Mike Gousha’s weekly On The Issues series held at Marquette University Law School.

Remember that it was Walker himself that took the national stage saying how the stimulus money was all wrong for the country and that he did not want anything to do with it.

Also, in what seems to be a foreboding of things to come, Grebe, while talking about Mayor Barrett’s proposal to take over MPS, had this to say:

“Just changing who’s in charge isn’t going to solve this problem,” Grebe said. “There needs to be a reform agenda that comes with that change.”

Given Walker’s track record here in Milwaukee County, it seems like he is almost warning us of what would happen if Walker made it back to Madison.


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