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Good News From Supervisor Dimitrijevic

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on November 5, 2009

From a press release from Supervisor Dimitrijevic:


Position needed to save tax dollars and oversee County’s environmental and recycling efforts

Milwaukee, WI – Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic is introducing a Budget Amendment at the Finance & Audit Committee meeting this afternoon to create a Sustainability Director to carry out the duties of the Green Print and oversee the County’s recycling efforts. The amendment is based on recent recommendations from the Green Print Workgroup. In addition, the Department of Audit recently highlighted poor recycling efforts and the lack of centralized waste management contracts within Milwaukee County.

“Although the Green Print was enacted more than two years ago, a dedicated Sustainability Director for Milwaukee County was never fully implemented. That has been a major obstacle as we strive to become greener and save money in these difficult economic times,” Supervisor Dimitrijevic said. “My amendment calls for the creation of a full-time Sustainability Director reporting to the County Board and appointed by the County Board Chairman.”

Sup. Dimitrijevic’s Budget Amendment is co-sponsored by Supervisor Gerry Broderick. Energy savings, grants and other non-county revenue will offset half of the funding for the new position. Many other counties and municipalities, including the City of Milwaukee, have created similar positions.

“The lack of a dedicated Sustainability Director to carry out the Green Print and other environmental initiatives has lead to increased costs within the County,” Supervisor Dimitrijevic said. “We have missed out on grant opportunities and cost-saving measures, and that’s why we are taking the matter into our own hands during the 2010 Budget process.”

The Green Print, unanimously approved by the County Board and signed into law in 2007, incorporates a conservation ethic and plan for Milwaukee County to become more environmentally responsible. The comprehensive plan includes lower energy consumption, the utilization of more renewable energy sources, turning unused parkland back into native grasslands, managing storm water runoff, requiring higher energy efficiency standards in new projects, and a Sustainability Director to oversee the Green Print.


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