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But Did She Give Him The Advice He Really Needs?

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on November 11, 2009

JSOnline is reporting that after her book tour stop at the State Fair Grounds last week, Scott Walker begged Sarah Palin for her help in his last desperate stab at the governor’s chair. Unfortunately for Walker, he got the brush off, at least for now:

Palin told Walker she would be focused through the end of the year on her tour promoting her upcoming book, “Going Rogue,” but would begin helping candidates in January. Walker asked Palin to appear with him at a Fox Valley event to help combat expected fund-raising help the Democratic candidate would get from President Barack Obama.

Undoubtedly, Palin will endorse him eventually, if she sees that she can gain something from using him.

Interestingly, Time Magazine, which first reported the story on their website, points out in more clarity Walker’s desperation:

Walker briefed Palin on his front-running poll standing, and his strong fundraising to date. Palin, tired from a long day, engagingly asked Walker what his campaign slogan is, who is involved in his bid, and why he is running for governor. She urged him to adopt a positive, optimistic message and said it was a good sign that Republicans won gubernatorial contests in New Jersey and Virginia earlier in the month by running on such sunny platforms.

Palin said she was going to focus on her book tour through December, but planned to turn to politics and helping party candidates starting in January. Her aide, Jason Recher, another former Bush aide, asked Walker what kind of help he would like from Palin. Walker pointed out that the state’s late primary and the likelihood that the White House would raise a lot of campaign cash for its side meant he needed help as soon as possible next year. Walker urged Palin to come on board and do an event with him in the state’s Fox Valley area.

Let us fervently hope that she gave him the advice he really needs: How to leave office in midterm to focus on a doomed campaign.


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