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Holloway Finally Calls Out Walker

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on November 13, 2009

He should have done this long ago. In fact, he should have done it before he even agreed to accept this fraudulent budget proposal:


If you value our community, call the County Executive and tell him to do what’s right
Milwaukee, WI – On Tuesday, the County Board adopted a responsible 2010 County Budget. The Budget was sent to the County Executive’s Office, where Scott Walker will determine whether any vetoes will be issued. Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway released the following statement on behalf of County residents who support a modest 3.8% property tax levy increase and are concerned about vetoes that could negatively impact the quality of life for thousands of families in Milwaukee County:

“If you don’t want parking meters at the lakefront, if you want to keep your neighborhood pools open, if you want to make sure that Milwaukee County maintains family supporting jobs, if you want to maintain safety net services for those who need the help most, if you want to keep existing bus routes and transfer between them without paying a fee, if you want to maintain your parks, if you want to keep the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Kosciuszko Community Centers open, or if you want to repair the Estabrook Dam, then call County Executive Scott Walker, and tell him to sign the budget adopted by the County Board.

“Let him know that he should reflect YOUR values, and not those of a statewide political party. Kindly ask him to put down his veto pen and stand up for what’s right in Milwaukee County. Tell your family, friends and neighbors to all call Scott Walker and ask for a better return on your tax dollars. Ask him to preserve your quality of life and your neighborhood. Tell him to resist vetoing any parts of the County Budget. Your calls will help stop any further damage to our community.”

County Executive Walker can be reached at 414-278-4211 or Tell him to support the responsible budget amendments adopted by the Board of Supervisors.

Actually, both budgets stink and will blow up on January 1. That said, the adopted budget is less damaging than Walker’s fraudulent proposal. I will never understand why the Board even accepted it since they knew it was self-destructing.


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