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Further Proof That Investigative Reporting Is Indeed Dead

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on November 16, 2009

Yesterday, as just about everyone in Wisconsin is aware of, “Battling” Tom Barrett, the hero mayor of Milwaukee, announced that he is in the hunt for the governor’s chair.

Reporters, and I use that term loosely, from far and wide, came flocking to get the Republican candidates opinions.

According to Channel 2, in Green Bay, Walker took this approach:

Walker says, “To me, who else is in the race is irrelevant. We’re gonna spend our time focusing on what we need to do to make Wisconsin work again.”

This wasn’t a fluke. According to WITI-TV, the local Fox station on Channel 6, Walker said pretty much the same thing:

Walker remarked that his campaign started in Green Bay back in April. Adding his message has never been about a candidate, but about getting the state back on track.

Really now?

If any of these talking heads that pretend to be our local media were actually doing their jobs, they would have questioned Walker on these statements.

When Walker first announced, er tweeted, his campaign’s kick off, he immediately starting attacking Governor Doyle.

When Mark Neumann announced, Walker and his supporters went after him with a certain savageness.

So naturally, when Barrett announced his campaign, Team Walker, the ever-paranoid lot that they are, immediately sprung, even with an adolescent name-calling press release.

Of course, anyone that follows local or state politics is painfully aware of why Team Walker is roaming the state and the Cheddarsphere like a pack of rabid pit bulls. All they have in their bad of tricks is to attack anyone they even perceive as a threat, since Walker can’t very well run on his own record.

The question is: Does Team Walker really think that people will be willing to listen to, much less support, a constant barrage of negativity for a year and a half?


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