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Another Barrett, Another Hero

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on November 17, 2009

From Milwaukee County First:

There was a touching story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel over the past weekend.  The story was about a couple that was going to get married, but due to Scott Walker’s  furlough days, the clerk’s office was closed and the groom was not able to get their marriage license.

The man was able to track down Clerk of Court John Barrett, brother of Mayor Tom Barrett.  Barrett was able to, with the assistance of another clerk’s office official and a county maintenance worker, was able to get into the office and get the man his license.

We applaud not only John Barrett, but also the official and the maintenance worker, for helping this couple out on their way to wedded bliss and showing that County workers are not the thugs and lazy bums that the right wing media and union bashers would have people think they are.

Scott Walker would do better to try to emulate these everyday heroes instead of trying to lay them off in some cynical political ploy.


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