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It Makes Me Look Like A Fan

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on November 25, 2009

Last night, I wrote about Scott Walker’s fumbling and bumbling his way through the County budget, where he furloughed the deputies and jailers he said that he wasn’t going to furlough.

Today, Mike Tate of the DPW sent out a press release that makes me look like a member of the Scott Walker fan club:

After hasty vetoes of 2010 Milwaukee County budget provisions, Scott Walker admitted that he doesn’t even know what the budget contains. Walker claims he mistakenly added eight unpaid furlough days for the Milwaukee sheriff’s deputies and jailers next year and is seeking legal advice to sort out his mess.

“Wisconsinites don’t expect a lot of foresight from Walker, but he should at least know what is in his own budget,” said Mike Tate, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair. “Although, this could explain many of Walker’s past policy decisions.”

In his own veto message, Walker wrote that his actions were meant, “to increase the number of furlough days from eight to 12” while making no reference to an exemption for law enforcement. Walker has since claimed that he meant to include an exemption.
[Source: “Walker, critics argue over furloughs for deputies, jailers” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/23/09]

“Pleading ignorance is not good enough for the people of Milwaukee or the people of Wisconsin,” said Tate, “Wisconsin deserves someone who understands the consequences of their actions and has the capacity to think before they act.”

Ouch. But at least I had the cool picture of Walker and his giant veto crayola:


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