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Reverend Sheriff or Sheriff Reverend?

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on December 14, 2009

One would think that a sheriff would know something about the law, and at the very least, would know about the Constitution.

But not here in Milwaukee County:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. erred in 2006 when he forced his deputies to listen to a Christian-themed presentation, according to a unanimous ruling from a federal appeals court panel.

In doing so, Clarke violated the constitutional separation of church and state, said the appeals panel Thursday in upholding a lower court decision.

This shouldn’t really surprise many people. Clarke has a long history of ignoring the law.

Zach does a good job in pointing out the obvious constitutional conflicts, and how Clarke should have handled it.

Illy-T also touches on this topic, with even more disturbing implications.

What is almost as bad as the fact that the County’s top law enforcement agent not only held the Constitution is such blatant disregard, but when he lost in court, he was not satisfied and actually appealed the ruling.

In other words, he violated the constitution, then fought it in court at taxpayers’ expense, and then appealed and lost again in appellate court, again at the taxpayers’ expense.

Where is the supposed Citizens for Responsible Government when their is such a flagrant abuse of the Constitution, the court system, and our tax dollars? I guess they are just a bunch of hypocrites after all.


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