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Another Meme That Doesn’t Work For Team Walker

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on December 23, 2009

A common meme from Team Walker is along the lines of complaining that President Obama might have an influence on the gubernatorial election.

Frankly, I would be surprised if Obama didn’t come at least a couple, three times to stump for Tom Barrett.

But is this a line that Team Walker wants to take? Especially in light of the fact that Walker Reince Priebus, WISGOP top dog, has been trying to woo Sarah Palin. It’ll even be worse if Palin decides not to, showing that she was just using Walker and her Wisconsin fans to shill her book.

I think it would be more impressive to have the President of the United States backing you rather than a gubernatorial dropout.

Brawler has more thoughts on this.


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