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Who Will Get Wisconsin Back On Its Feet?

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on January 12, 2010

Some good news for Milwaukee! Mayor Tom Barrett and Governor Jim Doyle announced additional state funding to go with the stimulus dollars to clean up the old Tower Automotive site:

The state of Wisconsin has issued an $800,000 grant to the city of Milwaukee to help pay for the cleanup of the former Tower Automotive site in Milwaukee in preparation for redevelopment.

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett announced the Blight Elimination and Brownfield Redevelopment grant from the state Department of Commerce Friday.

Renewal of the industrial site is expected to attract new development that could potentially create 700 to 1,000 new jobs.

“State investment in this project will help to transform a highly distressed property into an economic engine and symbol of hope,” Barrett said in a press release.

Who could possibly argue with cleaning up and redeveloping a brownfield, while creating up to 1,000 new jobs at the same time?

Team Walker, that’s who.

They apparently like the guy who can’t make up his mind about stimulus dollars, was so bad at job creation that he had the Private Industry Council taken away from him, and thought a good way to create economic development was to abolish the whole thing, but only after his campaign staffers proved to be incompetent.

Could the choice be any easier?


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