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There’s Courage And Then There’s Walker

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on January 18, 2010

Dad29 has been having a running theme as of late, criticizing Senator Russ Feingold for not sticking around and being verbally abused by angry retirees who want the gubmint to keep their hands off of their Medicare. I hear Charlie Sykes has the same thing running on his radio shows as well.

What Dad29 and Charlie fail to recognize is that even though Feingold knew that he was going to get lambasted in the more conservative counties, he went there anyway, and he allowed everyone to speak their piece. He did it knowing full well that he was going to be catching hell from these people, and took it like an adult.

Feingold gives us a good example of courage, maturity, and the appreciation of freedoms, like the right to free speech.

Scott Walker, on the other hand, would not let certain citizens in who were critical of his poor management of the county, even at what should be open to the public since it was county business. And when he did let them in, it was under severe control:

People toting guns can attend events with President Obama, but no one with a toilet plunger is going to get near County Exec Walker.

Two representatives of One Wisconsin Now (OWN) were thrown of the event when they showed up with plungers to urge Walker to clean up the mess he’s made of Milwaukee County, and not just in the courthouse bathrooms.

[UPDATE: After first throwing out the two, their plungers and “Clean up your mess, Walker” sign, company employees let them into the event, sans plungers and sign, but kept them cordoned off from the crowd and had a ‘chaperone” accompany them. They were able to get news releases in the hands of the media, however.]

What Walker basically did was infringe on the constitutional rights of these people, for nothing more than political reasons. They weren’t even being disruptive.

Imagine how Daddio and Chuckles would have reacted if Feingold had tried to do something like that. Dad would be threatening to shoot people and Charlie would be in full blown hysterics.

But when you don’t have an honest complaint, I guess you have to fall back on what you’re best at.


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