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Would The Real Scott Walker Please Stand Up?

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on February 9, 2010

Today, on Twitter, Scott Walker and his echo chamber were making a big deal about a CNN clip of Newt Gingrich stating that he thought Walker would win Wisconsin.

Big deal.

First of all, the clip is from four months ago. Secondly, Gingrich has said a lot of things in his time, including marital betrothals of fidelity and undying love to three separate women. We all know how much he meant those.

But Walker raising the Gingrich clip now does set up an interesting question about Walker: Who is the real Scott Walker?

Walker’s propensity for flip flopping on any given subject, such as the federal stimulus funding, is legendary. But now Walker is flip flopping on who he even is.

Last June, Walker was proudly announcing that he was going to be on stage with Gingrich as part of Walker’s perpetual campaign for governor. That was a mixed blessing for Walker. First, Gingrich did not even endorse Walker at the time. Secondly, Gingrich soon became reviled among the neoconservatives as being “King of the RINOs.” Gingrich’s sin was calling for moderation and temperance among conservatives in order to keep the Republican Party intact.

A few months after Gingrich’s appearance, Walker appeared to be completely shifting gears and was going for the extremist vote instead of the normal Republican one when he appeared at a TEA Party at the lakefront in September. To be fair, there was a sizable crowd at said TEA Party, but they did not come to see Walker. There was something better that drew them in.

Walker’s attempts to appeal to the extremist fringe continued when he tries to schmooze Sarah Palin into endorsing him in his perpetual run. But as with Gingrich, Palin also declined his request and just used him for a practice run for her upcoming book tour.

Now we see Walker going back to the Gingrich video (which was actually recorded between his TEA Party and his failed attempt to woo Palin).

Between Gingrich and Palin, Walker is really starting to look pitifully insecure as he bounces from one side to the other, only to be used and then dumped by the side of the road.

But all of this should make any cognitive right winger kind of nervous. How could they possibly endorse Walker when they have no way of knowing if they were going to get extremist TEA Party Scott or Walker the RINO?

Unfortunately for them, Walker probably doesn’t know who he wants to be either.


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