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Why Would Any Businessperson Support Walker?

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on February 15, 2010

Today’s business people are supposed to be savvy operators and be able to look out for the best interest of their businesses and themselves.

That’s why it makes no sense that a business would support Scott Walker in his perpetual campaign for governor.

Walker apparently rarely listens to some of the region’s top business leaders when he has consistently opposed any improvement to our transit system.

Now we learn that when he does have anything to do with them, it can turn out very poorly for the business:

Creative Constructors LLC is suing Milwaukee County to recover $114,000 from a project at General Mitchell International Airport.The Menomonee Falls-based contractor has tried to recover the money since 2005, when Creative completed the yearlong project at the airport, said Michael LaBonte, company CEO. He said the lawsuit, filed Wednesday, is the first time he has sued a project owner since he entered the construction industry in 1972.

“Any time you are talking about a fair amount of money,” LaBonte said, “it affects me. It takes me a lot of work to earn that kind of money.”

Milwaukee County in early 2004 signed a $2.6 million contract with Creative to expand and remodel a security checkpoint in the airport’s Concourse D. According to the lawsuit, the county changed the price of the contract 58 times and extended its schedule 97 days to add $483,852 worth of work.

LaBonte said the multiple price and timing changes stemmed from incorrect project plans. As crews started preparing the building for the renovation, he said, they found mechanical, structural and foundation systems in places where, according to the project plans, they weren’t supposed to be.

Could you imagine what he would do to the state if he was allowed to buy his way in to the governor’s mansion?


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