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A Message From The Walker Campaign

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on February 19, 2010

Unfortunately, it came on the Milwaukee County website. Isn’t there a law against using government property for campaigning?

The public learned this week that a Spanish manufacturing company will be coming to Milwaukee. This is good news because it brings more jobs to our area. A closer look should impact our future decisions when it comes to taxes. The big incentive for them to come here was tax credits – from the federal and state governments.

This is particularly true when one considers the high tax and fee burden in the City of Milwaukee. The credits help to offset that burden.

For years, I have made the point that if we reduce the cost of doing business in our region (in particular, the cost of taxes), it will lead to more jobs. An overall lower tax burden would be good for all of our residents and small businesses – and not just for a large Spanish manufacturing company.


I wonder how long Mark Neumann or Tom Barrett are going to tolerate Walker using County property for his campaign.


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