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Put Your Furlough Day To Good Use

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on March 26, 2010

From Peter Drummond:

Use Your Furlough Day to Help Elect Pro-Labor Candidates

Pam Sierchulski and Cathy Walsh for Greenfield School Board

Joe Kasle for Nicolet School Board

Colin Plese for Shorewood School Board

Pat Linnane and Donald Ford for Shorewood Village Trustee

Noel Joers- Yanisch for Greendale Village Board

Dan Sweeney for Glendale Common Council

Dan Bukiewicz for Oak Creek Common Council

Greg Kowalski for Franklin Common Council

On Friday April 2nd we will be showing our support for the candidates who support us by knocking doors to get out the vote. The Spring Elections are on Tuesday April 6th and our candidates need all the help we can give at this pivotal time in the campaign season.

Date: Friday April 2nd

Time: 10:00am

Location: DC 48, 3427 St. Paul Ave (we will be carpooling out to the canvass sites)

Join us on Friday and bring a friend.  Help keep AFSCME strong by giving your furlough day to elect candidates who understand the important role that our members play in making the community a better place. To sign up contact your Take Back America staffer Peter Drummond at 414-333-1606 or


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