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Grandstanding DA Faces Recall

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on May 23, 2010

Heh. Scott Southworth, the grandstanding DA who put his ideology before his duties to the public, is now facing a possible recall:

Juneau County District Attorney Scott Southworth, who made national headlines for his warning that teachers who taught about birth control in sex education classes could face criminal prosecution, has become the subject of a recall campaign.

A small group of residents filed papers Wednesday in Madison to allow them to begin trying to meet a 60 day deadline to collect the more than 2,000 signatures they’ll need to force a recall election. Southworth’s term doesn’t expire until 2012.

One of the recall organizers, Jennifer Specht, said the flap over sex education “was the last straw,” but that some residents had other concerns that Southworth was too slow about prosecuting some crimes, too soft on some criminals, and too busy promoting a personal agenda.

“He needs to stop proselytizing and start prosecuting,” said Specht, who said she owns a small motel in Necedah.

Mmm. An elected official puts his personal agenda before doing his job. Sounds a lot like a County Executive and an Attorney General I’ve heard about.


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