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Walker’s Granstanding Trashes The Parks

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on June 7, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

Over the Memorial Day weekend, many people went out to enjoy the parks and have cookouts and picnics with their families and their friends.  Unfortunately, too many of them found the parks to be a mess.

Things were so bad that WTMJ-TV sent a reporter out to cover the story.  In his report, reporter Tom Murray even had Scott Walker admit that the problem was that the parks were severely understaffed.

This is shameful and was completely avoidable, but Walker was too busy running for governor to be bothered with actually doing his job of administering the county in a proper fashion.

Despite Walker’s disingenuous claims that the parks won a gold medal, we have already seen that his severe budget cuts are failing and that there have been many problems stemming directly from his slashing the parks budgets and staffing levels, including an alarming increase in vandalism in the parks.

Dan Cody, President of the Parks People, wrote on his personal blog about the story.  One of the themes that he and his readers advocated was that people should be picking up after themselves.  This is, of course, true.  However, as Dan points out, even where people did pick up after themselves, there wasn’t enough parks workers to keep up with the overflowing garbage cans.

But even though people should pick up after themselves, it was obvious from the TV story that this was not the case in many areas.  If people aren’t even picking up after themselves, it does make one wonder how well or how poorly Walker’s plan to run the golf courses on the “honor system” is working out.

It’s bad enough that Walker has already given us nearly $300 million in deferred maintenance and repairs, leaving some park facilities unusable, but can’t he even manage to get the garbage picked up?

It is also no wonder there is an increase in vandalism.  If Walker doesn’t respect our parks, how can we expect anyone else to?


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