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Man vs. Machine: The GOP Race Goes To Another Level

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on June 13, 2010

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Dan Bice obtained an email which was sent by Bill McCoshen, another one of the bigger cogs in the Republican Machine of Wisconsin. Said email has an ominous ring to it:

A private e-mail obtained by No Quarter shows Bill McCoshen, a top Wisconsin Republican, urging his party to take steps to knock the former congressman out of the race pronto.

McCoshen, a lobbyist and former top aide to ex-Gov. Tommy Thompson, sent the note to dozens of prominent Republicans – mainly, his fellow Thompson acolytes – last week. It came after GOP stalwart Jim Klauser, Thompson’s campaign architect, sent a public letter to Neumann calling on him to drop out of the race.

“Well done, Jim,” wrote McCoshen. “There are a couple more steps the party needs to take to end this nonsense.”

Bice’s article goes on to point out that McCoshen, like his buddy Jim Klauser, is one of those fickle people that supported Neumann before they were against him.

What is interesting is that Walker’s campaign and WISGOP can’t even get their talking points straight as they rush to cover what appears to be a semi-organized effort to ignore what the voters want in order to push their own particular agenda, much as we saw at Republicanfest last month.

It is also demonstrative on how nervous Team Walker and WISGOP are apparently feeling, at least in regards to this particular race. With these two candidates so similar in many aspects, it’s a shame that they don’t trust the voters any more than the Democrats appear to.


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