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No Snitch Policy Advances Through Committee

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on June 16, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that the “no snitching” policy which was proposed by people like Board Chairman Lee Holloway and Supervisors Joe Sanfelippo, Elizabeth Coggs and Peggy West was voted on today.  The proposal is to censure Supervisor Lynne De Bruin for having the audacity to actually tell the truth about the horrible attitude that BHD Director John Chianelli has towards the female patients.  He told County Board members that it was an acceptable “trade off” to allow female patients to be sexually assaulted instead of risking more physical violence between male patients.

Scott Walker has repeatedly defended this policy.

The result was a 3-3 vote with Holloway, Pat Jursik and Willie Johnson voting for it.  De Bruin, Gerry Broderick and Chris Larson chose to uphold the law and  put Milwaukee County citizens first and voted against it.

When this resolution goes before the entire Board for a vote later this month, there is a strong possibility that this could pass, which would be absolutely shameful.

First of all, there is no legal basis for this.  Censures are usually applied for grievous illegal or unethical acts.  This falls into neither.  In fact, she should be congratulated for blowing the whistle on the problems going on at BHD, stemming from Scott Walker and his hand picked administrator.

Holloway said that her whistle blowing “would make it difficult for the county to have frank discussions in private on important matters.”  That is rubbish.  Chianelli lied to the Board about this, so there were no “frank discussions” going on at the time.  It sounds more like he is worried about avoiding responsibility for what is going on in the County.  Perhaps he doesn’t want Scott Walker’s miserable record as county executive to gain too much traction, so that he can step up to the seat vacated by Walker if he were to win the gubernatorial election.  Whatever the reason, to want to cover up these problems is a disservice to the taxpayers and the citizens of Milwaukee County.

As I pointed out over the weekend:

If they want to censure anyone, they should be censuring Scott Walker for implementing policies and budgets that allowed these problems to continue, and who had installed a policy of obfuscation when it came to anything to do with the County Board.

If they want to take any action regarding Supervisor De Bruin, it should be to offer her thanks for calling this to attention and an apology for demonizing her.

Then they could introduce a resolution condemning and forbidding any “Stop Snitching” policy.


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