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Bringing Sunshine To County Elections

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on July 9, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic has issued a press release of a wonderful idea whose time has come:

Milwaukee County Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic has introduced legislation to modernize the way campaign finance reports are handled in Milwaukee County. The resolution, which will be considered by the Judiciary, Safety & General Services Committee later this month, calls on the Director of the Milwaukee County Election Commission to develop a plan to implement online filing for candidate registration and campaign finance reports by this fall. The initiative would apply to all County elected officials and candidates.

“This is another way to let more sunshine in to County government. Interested citizens should not have to travel to the Courthouse to access this information,” said Supervisor Dimitrijevic, Chairwoman of the County Board’s Information Technology Committee, also known as Project TEAM (Technology, Efficiency, Accessibility, Modernization).

The resolution is being co-sponsored by County Supervisors Theodore Lipscomb, Nikiya Q. Harris, Patricia Jursik, John F. Weishan, Jr., and Chris Larson. “The public has a right to view these reports easily and for free, but for too long this information has been hiding in the basement of the courthouse,” Supervisor Lipscomb said.

Dimitrijevic goes on to tout how this would save money and stop wasting paper.  She also points out that the City of Milwaukee and the State of Wisconsin already have such programs in place.

We commend Supervisor Dimitrijevic and the co-sponsors of this resolution.  It is indeed overdue, and will bring much needed light to elections on a county level without being burdensome on the citizens or the tax payers.  We expect and hope that the rest of her colleagues will support this sensible and needed resolution.

Which reminds me, I have to go down to the courthouse this week.  Good thing I’ve got my MCF Survival Guide to the Courthouse to help me make it there and back.


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