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Free “Chill on the Hill” concerts show how valuable great parks are to quality of life

Posted by Chris Liebenthal on July 15, 2010

From Milwaukee County First:

Beyond a doubt, the Milwaukee County Parks are the greatest legacy that Milwaukee’s early 20th century creators and administrators left for us. This was shown to me yet again at last night’s Chill on the Hill concert in Bay View. The free concert series features local bands, and brings people together from from area neighborhoods to enjoy a great evening concert.

Two great bands played at last night’s “Chill” were Conrad Plymouth and Longacre.

Longacre’s autobiographical description is “Longacre creates a musical blend, shadows and flickers of rock, world and pop influences. With lyrics built upon introspective angles, stories, and in-between places, their songs pull you in, provoking and compelling.”

See for yourself. This isn’t from tonight’s concert, but it gives you a taste of the band’s capabilities:

I liked what I heard so much that I picked up their self-titled debut disc and the “Transfixed Summer” EP at the show. Which points out that the free concert spurred spending, not just on music, but also on food and drink. And the social bonds created are arguably more valuable than the money spent as a result of it.

And that’s what I’m saying. While the best parts of Chill on the Hill are a combination of the happy crowd, the kids, the grown-ups, the dogs, and the food vendors, you cannot overlook the fact that it is 100% free. Absolutely no charge. And yet we get some of the very best bands in Milwaukee coming through.

If the parks were not here, or were in such disrepair that they may as well not be here, none of this would have happened. I am grateful that it did happen, and it shows in vivid colors why we need to support the parks. Thank you to Milwaukee County Parks and the Bay View Neighborhood Association for making this wonderful concert possible!


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